The new exclusive line of wines at Vinařství Černoch was created based on the requirements of its customers, which is why we created the Mysterium series „Touch the Heavens“. One with a series that is trained in oak barrels. Another line is Elegance, which has a wine with a long finish and is suitable for evening relaxation. The third and last line is Shy wine, which is profiled with fruity and fresh aromas.

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The most modern line in the Czech Republic

The wine house belongs to the domestic top in the production of bag-in boxes. It specializes in the production of wines of the highest quality from both domestic and foreign grapes.

A unique project on a green field

The wine house is one of the most modern and progressive wineries in the Czech Republic with more than twenty years of tradition. It is located in the heart of the Moravian Sahara on the edge of pine forests.

great wines from oak barrels

The wine house is engaged in the production of barrique wines and also the distribution of barrique barrels from France and Italy.

Kontaktní údaje

Dúbrava 1605, 696 81 Bzenec
ID datové schránky: 6zsana3
Právnická osoba je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeného u Městského soudu v Praze pod sp. zn.: C 198012.

Tel: +420 725 948 759
E-mail: obchod@vinnydum.cz